Shelton Vineyards Hosts 7th Annual Running the Vines 5K & 10K

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By Jennifer Primrose and Dathan Kazsuk

It was our goal for this year. To participate in as many 5K runs as we could manage. Earlier this year we participated in the Chetola Resort Corkscrew 5K run during the annual SAVOR Food and Wine Festival in Blowing Rock. And now, we decided to try our luck at the 7th annual Running the Vines hosted by Shelton Vineyards in Dobson.

If you haven't noticed the trend of our first two runs, they revolve around ... you guess it ... wine! And just to let you at home know, we are by no means "runners." We both have issues with our feet, but we don't let that stop us ... for now anyway.

Check out our video from our day at Shelton, click here.

Running the Vines 5K takes you along a route from the Hampton Inn & Suites at Shelton Vineyards to the winery while the 10K takes you through the vineyard (or so we are told!) This event is co-hosted by the Mount Airy Parks and Recreation, Surry County Parks and Recreation, and the Town of Dobson.

Here's a look at our day:

5:45 AM:

The alarm clock went off way too early for us on this Saturday morning, but we eventually rolled out of bed. Donned in our Running the Vines t-shirts and running gear, we headed downstairs for breakfast at the hotel. Scrambled eggs, sausage patties and yogurt - the breakfast of champions!

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7:15 AM:

We arrived at the Hampton Inn and Suites at Shelton Vineyards and quickly sized up the other runners in the hopes that surely there would be some that would be walking so we wouldn't come in last place! Jen was starting to worry as she was witnessing some serious runners in this group. Yikes! "I should have trained better," she was heard saying.

8:00 AM:

Those running the 10K are directed to gather at the start line to get ready to head out on their journey through the vineyards. The countdown begins – and off they go.

8:15 AM:

It was now our turn. Jen was feeling OK, but it was Dathan who saved the day with his patience and keeping her on track with intervals resulting in Jen's best time ever. Before long we hit the 1-mile marker. Continuing on, passing the corn fields and cow pastures in search of the vineyard, we were on our way to mile 3. Dathan decided it was time to pick up his pace and run the last mile, while Jen found her groove with her speed walking. Before long, with vines in sight up ahead, a right turn to enter the gates of Shelton and the view was breathtaking. Vines on both sides, the mountains in the background, and tasting room up ahead ... what more motivation did one need for this last push? With the finish line in site, Jen decided it was time to run to the end. Dathan, after already finishing, came back and joined in as the finish line got closer!

So, Jen, the non-runner who is always foolishly suggesting we do these 5K runs, finished another 5K asking "why did I decide to do this again?" soon became "I did it! Can't wait for next year!"

Shelton Vineyards Running the Vines.jpg

9:30 AM:

We're not sure on the exact time, but we stuck around for the 5K awards to be handed out. Not that we were expecting an award, but it's always fun (and motivating) to see who had the best times and what those times were. We even pretended we came in 1st and 2nd place for a photo op!

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10:00 AM:

We decided to head back to our hotel in Jonesville and get ready to check out the scene at the 16th Annual Yadkin Valley Wine Festival. With more than 25 wineries in attendance and close to 3,000 visitors, according to the Elkin Tribune, this wine festival was worth checking out. Shocking that a wine festival would just so happen to be taking place on the exact weekend we were in town!

12:00 PM:

When we arrived at the wine festival, it occurred to us yet again why we no longer enjoy going to festivals in general. Too many people is the first thing that comes to mind ... and on a hot day no less! Now, this is not to say wine festivals are not for everyone, just not us. Personally, we prefer to visit the wineries which affords us an opportunity to talk wine with the winemakers, winery owners, managers, employees and other guests rather than feeling rushed like you do at a festival.

Lines formed early at the Yadkin Valley Wine Festival in Elkin.

Lines formed early at the Yadkin Valley Wine Festival in Elkin.

But, nonetheless, it was fun to walk around and see which wineries were in attendance. We were fortunate to run into and chat with Amy Helton from Hanover Park Winery and a quick hello to the NC Wine Guys who were helping out at the Hanover tent.

The wine was definitely flowing and some wineries also had some good deals for purchase. We even walked out with three bottles from Raffaldini on a whim. Unfortunately, the scene was just a little much for us – perhaps because we just finished a 3-mile run/walk? So, off we went to Angry Troll Brewing in downtown Elkin.

1:00 PM:

The last time we were at Angry Troll brewing was probably a few months ago so we decided it was time to pay them a visit again. The taproom was empty at this early hour, the air conditioner was on and we were happy. No crowds, no heat and refreshing pomegranate beer and we finally got our second wind. After all, our day at Shelton was not quite over yet.

3:00 PM:

We arrived back at Shelton Vineyards for the tour and tasting. Melanie (Mel) did an absolutely fantastic job as our tour guide. She was funny, animated, informative and made the experience great. Following the tour, we did our tasting and retreated to the patio with a glass of Dry Rose´and a Two-Five-Nine Estate Bottled Petit Verdot. 

We took a break on the Shelton patio to enjoy a glass of wine each before dinner.

We took a break on the Shelton patio to enjoy a glass of wine each before dinner.

4:30 PM:

It was time for dinner, so instead of staying and eating at the Harvest Grille, we headed down the road to Putters sports bar, and then back to Shelton for the first of the Summer Concert Series featuring the 80s band, The Breakfast Club. We settled in with our lawn chairs and a bottle of 2013 Merlot as we were transported back in time to some of our favorite music to dance the night away – or in our case, watch others dance the night away!

Breakfast Club played songs from Vanilla Ice, Devo, Van Halen, Corey Hart, Motley Crue and other 80s bands.

Breakfast Club played songs from Vanilla Ice, Devo, Van Halen, Corey Hart, Motley Crue and other 80s bands.

All in all, we had a fantastic time. When we first entertained the idea of doing this race, we were really impressed with the day-long events with two bands (we did miss the Afternoon Cool Down with the Mediocre Bad Guys), tastings and tours, hay rides through the vineyard – we are so glad we decided to sign up and will do the same next year and hopefully more years to come.